G.O. One Pouch Cutlery Pouch 可拆式防水餐具袋 (Black)

One Pouch 餐具袋由本地婦女手工製作,布料選用防水尼龍布,輕便耐用。獨特的可拆式設計,方便擺放飲管和餐具,同時能夠輕鬆清洗袋裡每一個角落,讓你隨時隨地自備餐具!

.物料:100% 210D Nylon
.產品尺寸:22cm x 5cm




Bring your own cutlery and Say No to Disposables! With a unique detachable design, One Pouch is perfect for you to put your reusable straw and cutlery in and slip into your bag. Every part of the pouch can be washed easily. One Pouch is made from waterproof nylon and it is 100% handmade by local women.

.Material: 100% 210D Nylon
.Dimension: 22cm x 5cm
.Weight: 15g

.Hand washing at 30°C is recommended.
.Do not use bleaching agent.
.Use an iron at a low temperature if you want to smooth out the wrinkles on the pouch.
.Do not tumble dry.

Caution: There can be minor deviation in size as the pouch is handmade.