【Dr. Wa-Mi】 Oral care spray for pets - Dogs/Cats (Taiwan)

Dr. Wa-Mi

Oral care spray for pets


150ml / HK$185

Are you annoyed by the following dilemma when trying to take care of the oral problems?

  1. The oral care products sold in markets are full of artificial ingredients and chemicals.
  2. Pet teeth scaling is expensive and with risks.
  3. Do not have time to brush teeth for pets.

Product Highlight:


Effects and benefits

The oral care spray has a pH value >10, which can neutralize the oral acid. After use, the oral acid-base balance environment can then be maintained by the saliva cushioning effects. It effectively inhibits dental plaque and dental calculus growth and reduces the incidence of oral odor and pet oral diseases.


Main Ingredients

All natural plant-basedSafenon-toxic


SGS Certification

Our products have passed the inspections of International Standards Certification Laboratory. The product is certificated without any harmful materials, heavy metal and microorganism. And our product is developed for against gingivitis, gumboil, abscess, the most common pathogenic bacteria around the tooth and root diseases . According to the experiments, the product can inhabit 99.9% of bacteria which is in line with the food-grade international standards established in EU, US, Japan, China, and Taiwan, etc. It’s fresh, moderate in taste and pets can swallow it directly without any harms.