🌿 #fatrecipessss Fig Clafoutis| 無花果克拉芙缇

🌿 #fatrecipessss Fig Clafoutis| 無花果克拉芙缇 Tips✨ 1️⃣可以按個人口味用不同水果代替(e.g 蘋果、藍莓) Free feel to add your favorite fruit and make variation (e.g apple, blueberries) 2️⃣食之前可以用糖霜裝飾表面,Clafoutis同Souffle有點像,出爐後很快會塌,所以想影相的人動作要快點了😛 You can sift caster sugar on top of the cake for decoration. It should be served immediately as it collapses very soon. 材料 (1人份) Ingredients (1 serving) 低筋麵粉 20g/ Cake flour 糖 15g/ Sugar 雞蛋 1隻/ Egg 牛奶 70ml/ Milk 無花果 1粒/ Fig 泡打粉 1g/ Baking Powder 做法 Methods 1. 將蛋、砂糖、牛奶混合均勻 Mix egg with sugar and milk 2. 篩入麵粉、泡打粉拌至無顆粒 Add the sifted flour and baking powder and whisk until smooth 3. 無花果切塊,放入面糊 Add the chopped fig onto the batter 4. 200 °C 烤18-20分鐘 Bake for 18-20mins at 200 °C